Positive Discipline

Home School Connection

As our vision states, Saint Clement Graduates are compassionate leaders entrusted with a sacred responsibility to share their gifts, serve the common good and respond with confidence to the challenges of their day.

We, as parents and teachers in the Saint Clement Community, are models for children each day. We practice compassion. We share our gifts. We serve the common good and we respond to challenges with confidence. Parents and Saint Clement Faculty join forces to raise respectful, resilient, and responsible young leaders. Teachers implement The Responsive Classroom Approach and practice Positive Discipline in an effort to build community and create a sense of belonging and significance for each child. We feel that that this philosophy extends beyond the classroom and into the home where parents are a child’s first educators. We benefit from the strength of our Saint Clement family and provide encouragement for one another. For this reason, Saint Clement has created a parent program to align classroom and home practice. Just as our faculty participates in ongoing professional development, it is our hope that each parent will attend at least one Positive Discipline Workshop per year.

To learn more about Positive Discipline, you can download an informational pdf here.

Saint Clement School is offering many workshops for our parents and faculty as we continue to grow in our foundational knowledge and experience.

The workshops will provide practical tools to help with common challenges we all experience when raising and teaching children.

  • Sibling conflict
  • Playground arguments and disputes
  • Power Struggles from potty training to cell phone usage
  • Morning, dinner time and homework hassles
  • Lack of follow through
  • Whining and/or attitude
  • Emotional Outbursts
  • (and many many more)