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Feliz 2107!!

To restart this 2017, in 5tE we are going to work on the unit 4 of our textbook Que Tal? and we are going to learn vocabulary about parts of a house,and we will use the verb "estar" to talk about where something is located.

In 6th grade we are going to return to the study of unit 2-A of Realidades A, we are to review the personal pronouns in Spanish and the conjugation of regular verbs.

IN 7th grade we will start the unit 6-A of Realidades B textbook, in this chapter we are going to talk about items in a bedroom and the use of "estar" plus prepositions to say where the items are located.

In 8th grade we will start unit 8-B of textbook Realidades B, this unit is about volunteer work in the community and what can we do to keep a clean environment.

Happy New Year!

Hasta Luego!

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