Extended Care

Before School Care

This program is held each school day in the morning between 7:00-7:45 a.m. Students may drop-in as needed, registration is not required.

For all other inquires, contact Ms. Joan Pinz, at jpinz@stclementschool.org

After School Care

Our regular After Care Program is not intended to be a high-powered enrichment program. Less structured than the regular school day, it offers a variety of mixed-age group activities, as well as 'quiet time' for independent reading, games, or homework. Outdoor play throughout the seasons, including pick-up games on the rooftop playground and in the gymnasium, is encouraged for all children. The program is supervised by part-time and full-time staff members who are committed to providing a fun, caring, and safe setting.

Director or Recess, After School, and Cafeteria, Mr. Tim Hederman, afterschool@stclementschool.org

Recess/After School Lead Staff Teacher, Ms. Amber Dever, adever@stclementschool.org

Recess/After School Staff Teacher, Mr. Will Carr

Recess/After School Staff Teacher, Ms. Sarah de Araujo

Recess/After School Staff Teacher, Ms. Alicia Winton

Recess/After School Staff Teacher, Ms. Ally Bunecky

Recess/After School Staff Teacher, Ms. Alex Rixon (T,W,Th)

Recess Staff Teacher, Ms. Nora Mello (M-Th)


After School Drop-Ins

If your child is not on a regular after care plan, please notify your child's teacher(s) as to your child's current Dismissal Plan -- After School, Supervised Walkers, Carpool -- for that week. Be sure to include the After School account on this thread to update us as to your child's schedule: afterschool@stclementschool.org. If you wish to schedule your child in After School the day-of, please notify your child's teacher(s) and the After School account by 12pm that day if your child will be attending. After 12pm, you will be charged a Late Drop In Fee.

After School Regular Attendance

If you know your child's schedule far enough in advance, please use the following form for After School Regular Attendance. (We recommend this form for parents who know their child will have a set After School schedule, usually based on their own work schedules. For example, our Monday to Friday After School "Regulars".)

Extended Day Program Daily Rates:

Before School Care - Drop-in from 7:00 - 7:45 am$8.00
Short Stay (less than 30 min) in After School Care$10.00
Full time (over 30 min) After School Care - 3:00 - 6:00 pm$20.00
Pick-up - After 6:00 pm$5.00 per minute

*After 3:30 student is considered part of the Full Time After School Care and will be charged $20.

Extended Day Program Billing Information

Extended Day Care will be billed monthly directly to your FACTS account on file. Extended Day Care and Enrichment classes are offered only to families who are current with their tuition payments. Questions regarding billing should be directed to Marion Amling at 773-348-8212 x223. A registration fee of $50.00 per child is REQUIRED for all students. It will be refunded at the end of the year if the program is not used.