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private school bus program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Saint Clement School Bus Program?
The Saint Clement School Bus Program is run 100% by parent volunteers in cooperation with the school. It provides bus service to and from Saint Clement School. The current bus route services the Roscoe Village/North Center neighborhood where some of our school families are “clustered.” There is currently no dedicated bus service for kids in the after school program.

What are the Saint Clement School Bus Routes?
The Saint Clement School Bus Program currently has one bus serving the Roscoe Village/North Center neighborhood. An additional bus maybe added if a minimum of 30 new children are interested.

Who can ride the Saint Clement School Bus and how much does it cost?
The Saint Clement School Bus is open to any family (Pre-K through 8th grade) who agrees to our three simple rules:
1) You must do your share of chaperone duty (see chaperone responsibilities below)
2) You must sign our Authorization and Release Form and you and your children must sign and abide by our Parent/Child Agreement
3) You must pay (in advance) an annual fee which is determined based on the number of kids who participate.

Will there be room on the bus for my children?
Capacity will be based on a first come first serve basis with priority going to two-way riders. The Registration Form and a $250 deposit per family, is due to Cindy Nelson by a pre-determined date in April. The final payment and remaining forms are due by the stated May deadline to guarantee your child a seat on the bus.

How is the Saint Clement Bus program structured, who manages the buses?
Parent volunteers who sit on the Saint Clement Parent Association Board serve as bus coordinators to facilitate the Saint Clement Bus Program. The bus coordinators are responsible for the overall program-wide coordination of the bus program and are the point of contact for the bus company, parents and the school. They manage the bus company relationship, communicate notices to the school, and lead the effort to determine bus capacity. A checking account is maintained by the bus coordinators who handle payments directly to the bus company. Each bus will have a bus captain/chaperone coordinator who will handle any discipline issues and are the liaison between parents, program coordinators and the bus company along with scheduling the bus chaperones on the chaperone calendar. The chaperone calendar will be distributed twice annually (Sept-Dec and Jan-June). If necessary they will develop a unique system for handling unique disciplinary needs (ie: kids who can’t sit together) and reporting.

Who do I contact with questions on the bus?
Please contact our bus coordinators Joanne Krakora or Beth Hattel with any questions.