Saint Clement School has a cheerleading team coached by Anna Bax and Belinda Weaver. This team will perform at a select number of 4-8th grade girls' and boys' basketball games this winter. Below are the details regarding the squads:

Who: Any student in grades Kindergarten and up that are interested in cheerleading! There is no experience required. For 4-8 graders playing basketball - if you would still like to do cheerleading, we will work out a schedule so that you can do both!

What:The cheer squads will perform at half times of a select number of Saint Clement basketball games this winter for 4th-8th teams.

When:Clinics are at school on Sundays- November 17 and December 8.

On Sunday, November 17:
We will meet from 11:00-12:00

On Sunday, December 8:
We will meet from 11:00-12:30

If you have a conflict on a clinic day, please notify us in advance if possible.

Games will be on select Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from December-February. Those dates are TBD.

Where: The clinics will be held at school to teach the cheers and performance routines. Games are at DePaul University in Lincoln Park.

Why: The students have so much fun working together as a team and get to make friends from other grade levels. Plus, what better way to support our teams than to have cheer squads?! We love Saint Clement School and want to cheer on our Wolverines!

Cost: Uniform Fee- about/just under $100
Program Fee: $200 (due at sign-up)