The Saint Clement Athletic Program provides a safe sports environment that serves as an extension of the school’s academic and religious programming. All participants will learn the fundamentals of each sport and be given the opportunity to cultivate strong, healthy and disciplined minds and bodies. Participants will also develop a sense of good sportsmanship, fair play, and team spirit, as well as facilitate and enhance the moral and ethical development of all those involved.

Saint Clement School is concerned with the development of the WHOLE person – the religious, moral, social and academic dimensions, as well as physical development. We believe that participation in athletics is an important component to a well-rounded educational experience. Through participation in the Saint Clement Athletic Program, students will develop ethical and moral standards, life-long skills, and positive values. These values include leadership, healthy living habits, self-discipline, integrity, teamwork, respect for rules and regulations, and the ability to deal with triumph and defeat with dignity and grace.

As part of a targeted effort to provide the most positive experience for our student athletes, we have partnered with Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA). PCA works with coaches, organizational leaders and parents to more effectively teach young athletes not only how to win, but also how to learn about teamwork, discipline, respect and goal-setting through their sports experience.