Service and Leadership

Our students are given many opportunities to develop and display their leadership abilities in both formal and informal ways. Our Catholic teachings are the guide as we integrate character development, including respect, responsibility, and compassion, throughout the school day in all grade levels. Additionally, our students develop and nurture their leadership qualities in quiet moments of prayer and through the building of relationships with others. As a school, we seek to develop leaders who possess an internal moral compass allowing for courageous decision-making, who have the confidence, determination and resilience to face life challenges, and who promote the common good through individual and group actions.

At Saint Clement school and parish, we are aware that the world needs our graduates to be courageous young adults, empowered to lead in a complex, global society. Both inside and outside the classroom, students are challenged to go outside their comfort zones, explore new ideas, and succeed beyond their wildest dreams! In a nurturing environment they are allowed to explore their passions, learn from failure, persevere, and experience astounding success.

Leadership development occurs both organically and deliberately in classrooms and through various activities as students build relationships with others, work side-by-side on group projects, and learn effective communication strategies. The following is a sampling of additional leadership opportunities:


We are all stewards of the many gifts and blessings God has given us. We are called to give thanks for those gifts, to use them wisely, and to return them with gratitude to God.

Saint Clement School and Parish offers many opportunities for students to practice the stewardship of time and talent. This service is at the heart of what we teach our students at Saint Clement. Our parish spirituality of Pray - Serve - Give is embodied by all of our staff and faculty. From integrating our faith into all we do, to using our strengths to help others, to modeling the importance of prayer, our students continue to amaze us in their passion for service and we see the sense of fulfillment they experience when allowed the opportunity to give back.

Service examples from the past year include:
  • Made sack lunches and served the homeless through the Lincoln Park Communtiy Shelter
  • Supported the Madonna House
  • Volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House
  • Donated and put together hygiene kits to benefit Chicago's vulnerable youth and young adults
  • Volunteered at Misericordia - A community of care for persons with developmental disabilities
  • Donated and put together buckets of household cleaning supply packages for people living in poverty and formerly homeless/newly arrived families to help settle into their new homes
  • Raised over $10,000 for the Heifer International Project. Each grade level reached their livestock goal!
  • Coordinated clothing/food drives for the Lincoln Park Community Shelter
  • Participated in Saint Clement Service Day
  • Provided, wrapped, and delivered Christmas presents for every student at a local Chicago public school
  • Supported our El Salvador Sister Parish, Iglesia 22 de Abril, located in an impovershed area on the outskirts of San Salvador
leadership roles for students

Many students serve weekly in various grade level leadership roles within the school and parish. For instance, our 4th graders lead our recycling and green initiatives. Our 8th graders have the opportunity to serve as Eucharistic Ministers at church. Many of our students also serve as Altar Servers, Lectors, and Greeters at Saint Clement Church.