High School Prep

Time after time, the Catholic, private, and selective enrollment high schools report back to us on how extensively prepared, motivated, and respectful our graduates are. Academics are important, but the fact that we continue to hear from high schools regarding our graduates' character, motivation, and perseverance... makes our community very proud. In addition, many of our students become eligible for advanced testing programs through Northwestern University and participate in the National Merit Scholarship program.

Our graduates attend the top Catholic, private, and selective enrollment public high schools in the area, including the following high schools:

  • Saint Ignatius College Prep
  • Loyola Academy
  • Walter Payton College Prep
  • Jones College Prep
  • Northside College Prep
  • Notre Dame College Prep
  • Regina Dominican
  • Latin School
  • Francis W. Parker
  • Whitney Young Magnet
  • DePaul College Prep

The Saint Clement High School Prep Team walks our students and families through the complicated high school admissions process.

Our students continue their education at colleges and universities of similar caliber in the private and public sector, including University of Chicago, Northwestern University, University of Notre Dame, and Ivy League schools such as Harvard University, Brown University and Yale University to name just a few.