This month we had some fun incorporating St. Patrick's Day fun along with our literacy block. We read lots of leprechaun books to teach 2nd-grade comprehension skills and vocabulary. 

Students will be able to compare to like stories. 

Students will be able to describe the main characters in a story.

Students will learn new vocabulary using text. 

Students will retell a story in pictures and in words. 

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Students will be able to subtract 3 digit numbers with and without regrouping.

Students will be able to add 3 digit numbers with and without carrying. 

Students will be able to tell time on an analog clock verbally. 

Students will be able to write time to the five minute. 

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Wednesday, 3/13

-Clementine Show 2:10pm

Thursday, 3/14

-Talent Show 9:45am

-Early Dismissal 11:45am (no aftercare)

-Parent/Teacher conferences 1-8pm

Friday, 3/15

-D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything and Read)-All items like pillow, stuffed animal, blanket, must fit in one bag

-Early Dismissal 11:45 (no aftercare)

-Parent/Teacher conferences 1-4pm


Spring Break 3/16-3/24-No School

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The students are working hard on their persuasive papers. They have chosen strong topics and have created detailed reasons and examples to support their opinion about their topic. Students have brainstormed their topics in class and started to draft their papers. They all have such creative voices that shine through in their writing. 

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Our current science chapter this month focuses around ecosystems. We learned about 8 different types of ecosystems: the tundra, rainforest, prairie, wetland, taiga, coral reefs, desert, and mixed forest. Students will be gathering research on a chosen ecosystem and will be designing their own websites in class. The students are very excited about this S.T.E.A.M integration project. 

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We have learned about the Sacraments of Initiation and are moving into our Lent studies. We have made our Lenten commitments in class and discussed the importance of the Lenten Season. 

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In reading, students have chosen an independent reading book to read and complete a digital book report on. The students will use Google Powerpoint and create a presentation for the class about their independent reading book. It's exciting to see what each student is reading and I'm looking forward to their book presentations after the break. 

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This week we are finishing up our math studies on fraction division. The students have worked in small groups, centers, and independently practicing these concepts and skills. They will have a math fraction division test on Wednesday over lesson 11.8-11.11.  

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Dear Parents,

Happy March! The students worked so hard to prepare for our "Rock n' Rhyme" concert and it showed in their tremendous performance! With conferences next week, we are working to strengthen skills from our first trimester and look forward to building on concepts in all content areas, including literacy and math. As always, if there is anything you wish to share with us, please do not hesitate to email.


Ms. Manganaro and Mrs. Smolky

Dates for your Calendar:

Friday March 8 - Anchor Day

Thursday March 14 - Early Dismissal, Parent-Teacher Conferences *No aftercare*

Friday March 15 - Early Dismissal, Parent-Teacher Conferences *No aftercare*

The sign-up portal for conferences is now open and will close on March 12!

March 16-24 - Spring Break!

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6th grade will be finishing 2D geometry. They will apply the concept of area to Surface Area as we move into 3D geometry. 

IXL: W and AA 

Upcoming dates: none 

7th grade just finished 3D geometry with a project on SA and Volume. We will do a short statistics and probability unit before moving into Algebra 1 concepts! 

IXL: CC, DD and EE 

Upcoming dates: none 

8th grade is doing exponential functions. They will graph functions and analyze exponential decay and growth problems in the real world. 


Upcoming dates: none 

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