Art Project of the Week: Frank Lloyd Wright Windows

Students in 5th grade learned about the Frank Lloyd Wright's colorful, geometric window panes.  This unit complemented a study in their classrooms about the famous architect.  For this art project, students were shown how to utilize tools and supplies such as rulers, cellophane paper, markers, cardstock, and wire to create a uniquely designed window with Wright's characteristics in mind.  Emily B.'s artwork is featured here; see more examples on our online gallery!

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6th grade is finishing Chapter 5 on Percent. Our next unit is on statistics in which students will practice making and analyzing graphs. 

Upcoming dates: Corrections due 5/29 

IXL: Standards BB, CC and DD 

7th grade is finishing Chapter 9 and 10 on statistics and probability. We will use the rest of the year to start previewing 8th grade Algebra topics, starting with basics of algebra such as expressions and equations. 

Upcoming dates: Corrections due 5/29

IXL: *under Algebra 1- Standards A-I 

8th grade is in DC! Have fun! 



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Everyone has done a great job with their spring concerts!

PK is getting ready for their Nursery Rhyme show on Friday, June 1.

K is singing jungle songs.

1st grade is making music passports with music from different countries.

2nd grade is studying The Appalachian Spring by Aaron Copland.

3rd grade is studying The Firebird by Igor Stravinsky.

Grades 4 and 5 are singing and dancing to spring and Broadway songs.

Middle school is learning about composers.

We are excited for the spring!

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6th grade is finishing Chapter 5 on percents. They have learned how to convert percent into fractions and decimals, solve for part, whole or percent with an equation or proportion, and apply percent to real world applications such as tax, tip, markup/discount and interest. 

Upcoming dates: Chapter 5 Test Friday 5/18 

IXL: L.1-L.10 and M.1-M.11

7th grade is finishing their unit on statistics and probability, which covers topics in Chapter 9 and 10. We will review towards the end of the week before their assessment. 

Upcoming dates: Stats and Probability Test Monday 5/21 

IXL: CC.1-17, DD.1-10, EE.1-11

8th grade is finished with Chapter 9 Solving Quadratic Functions. They've learned how to solve quadratics using graphs, square roots, factoring, completing the square and the quadratic formula. We will preview some of Chapter 10 towards the end of this week. HAVE FUN IN DC! 

Upcoming dates: Chapter 9 Test Tuesday 5/15 

IXL: BB.1-BB. 13

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Art Project of the Week

Andy Warhol, a celebrated Pop Art artist, created a technique with "blotted lines" to illustrate shoes while he worked in advertising.  This style inspired our work as 8th grade students used tracing paper, black ink, watercolor, and gold and silver leaf to create a work of art.  Students experimented with watercolor techniques as they designed their shoe or handbag composition, and many enjoyed the process and outcome of using the somewhat unpredictable blotted lines!

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6th grade is working on Chapter 5 percents, including converting between forms, the percent proportion and percent application problems. 

Upcoming dates: 3D Geometry Test Corrections due 5/11

IXL: L.1-L.10 


7th grade will be finished a unit on statistics and probability before starting 8th grade Pre-Algebra material. 

Upcoming dates: Equations and Inequalities Test Corrections due 5/11, Stat and Probability quest Thursday 5/17 

IXL: CC.1-CC.17, DD.1-DD.10, EE.1-EE.11 


8th grade will be finishing up their last full chapter before graduation, Chapter 9 Quadratic Functions. 

Upcoming dates: Chapter 9 Test 5/15 

IXL: BB.1-BB.13 

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I can't believe it's already May! With the end of the year soon approaching, we will be having our last round of MAP testing next week. This is an adaptive test on the computer that helps to measure your child's academic progress this year. Students will take the Reading MAP test on Monday morning and the Math MAP test on Tuesday morning.

On another note, we will also be having our spring concert on Wednesday evening, May 9th. The concert starts at 6:30pm and students should arrive to the classroom by 6pm. They can wear "Chicago themed" attire for the show. I'm looking forward to a great singing performance. If you have any questions, please let me know. 

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Dear Parents,

Believe it or not, May is here! The past weeks have been full of enjoying the spring weather on the rooftop and nearby Park West. We also enjoyed laughing and retelling stories with Dot the Storyteller during our in school field trip last week! Dot's show both entertained and engaged our minds, bodies and imaginations. With just a few weeks of school remaining, there is a lot to celebrate. We are 4 letters & numbers away from finishing our Handwriting Without Tears books, we are blending letter sounds to form words & rhyme, and we are 1 point away from finishing our Bravo Board! Please be reminded of the dates below which are also on the St. Clement calendar. Additional information can be found in an email from our room parents, Faith Jennings and Michele Wagner. We hope you have a great rest of your week! 


Ms. Manganaro and Mrs. Smolky

Important Dates:

Friday May 4 - Anchor Day *Cinco de Mayo Lunch*

Wednesday May 16 - Spring Concert @6:30pm. Students should wear Red, White and Blue

Monday May 28 - No School (Memorial Day)

Friday June 1 - Rock 'N' Rhyme Performance @9:30am. All PreK students will dismiss promptly at 10:35am

Friday June 8 - Field Trip to the Brookfield Zoo


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I can't believe it's already May! Here's a look at what we're working on for the next few weeks! 

6th grade just finished their unit on 3D geometry. We are now starting percent, decimal and fractions. They will learn how to convert between forms and solve percent problems. 

Upcoming dates: none 

IXL: L.1-L.10

7th grade finished an in-depth unit on equations and inequalities. They are now doing a short unit on Statistics and Probability before moving into Algebra 1 content later this month. 

Upcoming dates: none 

IXL: CC.1-CC.17, DD.1-DD.10, and EE.1-EE.11 

8th grade just finished Chapter 8 polynomials and is now covering Chapter 9 quadratic functions. We will learn how to graph and solve functions in the coming weeks. 

Upcoming dates: Chapter 8 Test Corrections due May 4th 

IXL: BB.1-BB.13

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Congratulations to the cast and crew for a great job performing "The Wizard of Oz Young Performers' Edition." 

I am looking forward to spring concerts for all grades in a few weeks!

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