Sunday, January 27-Friday, February 1

Sunday: Day of Rest

·      Greeters & Readers at Masses

Monday: Celebrating our Community

·      All School Mass at 9am

·      Students write thank you letters to community helpers

·      Door Decorating Begins

Tuesday: Celebrating our Students

·      Parent Open House/Coffee (5th grade parent visit: 9:30-9:50am in 5E)

·      Students receive an ice cream treat at lunch and have no homework!

Wednesday: Celebrating Education

·      PJ Bottom Day! Students can wear PJ bottoms and a St. Clement top

·      School prayer chain

·      D.E.A.R. at 2:10pm (All items your student brings for D.E.A.R. must fit in one bag)

·      Students receive a rice krispie treat during D.E.A.R.

Thursday: Celebrating Careers/Vocations

·      Guest speakers visit 5E to talk about their careers and how their faith guides them at work

·      Teacher Switch! Students get to spend time with another teacher for 20 minutes

Friday: Celebrating Faculty

·      Anchor Day! (5th grade theme TBD)

·      Potbelly lunch

·      Door Decorating Judging

·      All School BINGO!

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Pre-K AM and PM will have their second performance called Rockin' Rhymes here at St. Clement! The performance will take place on March 1st at 8:30am in the school's gym. The show is all based on popular nursery rhymes. During the whole month of February our unit is nursery rhymes and rhyming words to get the students prepared for their performance! We will be sending out more details as the date approaches. 

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Catholic school week starts Monday, January 28th. The theme is learn, serve, lead and succeed! During the week we will be doing fun projects and activities such as a door decorating contest, whole school morning meetings, bingo, and having yummy treats! 


Important Information for Parents:

  • For Pre-K's service project they have been asked to donate a gently used toy. We will be discussing the service project with them during class meetings and whole group times, so hopefully they will have a toy in mind they are willing to part from. Please send in toys no later than Wednesday, January 30th. 
  • PJ day is Wednesday, January 30th. Students are asked to wear PJ bottoms and a school shirt (St. Clement, High School, College, etc.)
  • Anchor Day is on Friday, February 1st. Yay no uniforms! 

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This week we are covering math concepts in Topic 9 which focus on adding and subtracting fractions, equivalent fractions, and simplifying fractions. We will be having a Topic 9 math test next Thursday. 

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In reading, we have started student-led book groups called Literature Circles. The students take on leadership roles during our reading block and have ownership of the texts we're reading. They are supporting one another in achieving their learning goals. In addition, we will be discussing the different roles students will have in this book group this week and will begin reading our class novel, A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle. 

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Catholic Schools Week is an annual celebration of Catholic education in the U.S. and we are celebrating this event from January 27th-February 1st. There are also different events going on at Saint Clement during the school day for Catholic Schools Week. Below are the 5th grade activities for Catholic Schools Week. 


Sunday January 27th-

  • Greeters and readers at Sunday's mass

Monday, January 28th-

  • All School Mass
  • Community Letter Writing
  • Door Decorating Begins

Tuesday, January 29th-

  • Parent Coffee
  • Student Appreciation Day-No homework and ice cream day at lunch
  • 5th Grade Parent Open House-9:30-9:50am in classroom
  • Service Project begins

Wednesday, January 30th-

  • PJ Bottom Day-Students can wear Saint Clement Spirit Wear and PJ bottoms to school
  • All School Prayer Chain and prayers made with Reading Buddies
  • D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything and Read) in the afternoon

Thursday, January 31st-

  • Celebrating our Careers-We will have guest speakers talk to our class about their career choice and how faith guided them to choose their careers

Friday, February 1st-

  • Anchor Day (Potbelly lunch and out-of uniform class themed day)
  • All-School Bingo game
  • Door Decorating Judging
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6th grade is working on balancing equations. They have learned how to isolate the variable by using inverse operations. Students will learn multi-step equations with distributive property and combining like terms before their test at the end of next week. 

Upcoming dates: none 

IXL: R and S 

7th grade is working through Chapter 7.1-7.5 with 2D geometry concepts. They will have a project covering angle relationships at the end of the week. 

Upcoming dates: City Planning Project (assigned Thursday) due Tuesday 1/22 


8th grade has finished Chapter 5 Linear Equations concepts. They will review for their test this week, then move into Chapter 6 Systems of Equations. 

Upcoming dates: Chapter 5 Test Wednesday 1/16

IXL: P, R and S 

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