Mrs. Peck Returns to the Classroom

Mrs. Peck is has returned from maternity leave and has begun new art with all of the students.  In January, each grade level from Pre-K - 7th grade is working on winter-inspired artwork.  Eighth grade students have begun making a saint portrait in the style of the Byzantine art period, to honor the saint that they will pray to for their upcoming Confirmation ceremony.  Pictured here is Pre-K AM mixing white and blue paints as a background for their colorful tissue paper mittens.  

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Mrs. Peck, the SCS Visual Art Teacher for grades Pre-K - 8, is currently on maternity leave with her newborn son and will be back on January 7.  In the meantime, Ms. Valenti is the Art substitute teacher. 

Ms. Valenti has been teaching art with an educational outreach program in New York city and here in Chicago charter schools. She is an artist from New York and her practice moves between painting and photography.  Ms Valenti has exhibited in gallery and museum spaces in Chicago, New York, and Amarillo, TX. She is excited to be working with all of the students and faculty here this fall!


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Art Project of the Week: Frank Lloyd Wright Windows

Students in 5th grade learned about the Frank Lloyd Wright's colorful, geometric window panes.  This unit complemented a study in their classrooms about the famous architect.  For this art project, students were shown how to utilize tools and supplies such as rulers, cellophane paper, markers, cardstock, and wire to create a uniquely designed window with Wright's characteristics in mind.  Emily B.'s artwork is featured here; see more examples on our online gallery!

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Art Project of the Week

Andy Warhol, a celebrated Pop Art artist, created a technique with "blotted lines" to illustrate shoes while he worked in advertising.  This style inspired our work as 8th grade students used tracing paper, black ink, watercolor, and gold and silver leaf to create a work of art.  Students experimented with watercolor techniques as they designed their shoe or handbag composition, and many enjoyed the process and outcome of using the somewhat unpredictable blotted lines!

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Art Project of the Week - Zero to Nine

Kindergarten and first grade students became familiar with the modern art style of Jasper Johns when viewing several paintings; some that are available to also see at the Art Institute of Chicago. They created their own "Zero to Nine" artwork by writing each number consecutively and adding color in a unique way with paints and oil pastels. We learned that Pop Art, or popular cultural topics, influenced his work, and we brainstormed the many ways that we see and use numbers in our daily lives! Pictured here is Brendan S.'s work from grade 1. See more at

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Art Project of the Week

Eighth graders prepared for the sacrament of Confirmation and fulfilled the ceremony this past Saturday. In religion class they studied a patron saint for this occasion and in Art class we created a Byzantine-style Icon portrait painting of their Saints. Students worked hard to reveal their Saint's image while pausing at times to pray and reflect. See more here on our Artsonia online portfolios!

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Art Project of the Week: Clay Wall Pockets

Sixth graders performed a style of shaping clay called "slab building" to create wall pockets. First they rolled out a piece of clay approximately 3"x5" large. Next they rolled out another piece about half that size. Students put the pieces together with "score and slip" methods to help them adhere. When dry, students painted their wall pocket, and added a string loop to the top so that it may be hung. Some students intend to use their wall pocket for dried flowers, some for pens and pencils, and others as a money holder. Shaping, molding, and painting a functional 3-D object has been a favorite project this year with this group! See more on our online portfolios

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Art Project of the Week

Vincent van Gogh's The Bedroom painting was the inspiration for this project, as students learned the techniques of drawing a room in perspective. The Art Institute of Chicago currently owns the original: There are two other versions of this painting, located in Paris and Amsterdam. Students were given criteria to add objects to their room including: a door or a window, 2 pieces of furniture, a light fixture, a wall hanging, and floorboards or a carpet. Each room has been drawn in a very unique way! See more on our online gallery!

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Art Project of the Week

Kindergarten students discovered the work of American modern artist Charlie Harper while they viewed a variety of bird species designed by him. We looked closely at the cardinal (our state bird!) and created an artwork in Harper's style. First they drew a background in pencil and added watercolor paint for color. Next, students created evergreen tree branches using line, and texture in the wood tree trunk with oil pastel. They cut out a bird shape and feathers, assembled them, and drew modern lines and curves to illustrate the cardinal with Sharpie marker.

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