Literature 6:

We complete the last How-To presentations and continue our study of the Peter and the Starcatchers novel with reading time during class.

Language Arts 6:

We take a vocabulary quiz on Peter and the Starcatchers, update our Daily Language Review exercises, and make a humorous guide to middle school for fifth graders.

Language Arts 7:

We finish our last Feed Me presentations, finish our final Wordly Wise lesson, and spend the rest of the time prepping for the Graduation Breakfast!

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In 5W, we are beginning to work on a very exciting Chicago architecture project that connects to the "Architecture is Art" theme from The Wright 3 novel. There are two components to this project. The first is a research paper that students will work on in class. Each student will choose a building in Chicago to research using the website Today, they started doing research and taking notes on their building and its architect which will be used to write a final paper.

The second part of the project is a poster that includes important information about the chosen building and its architect. This part will be completed at home only. Both the paper and the poster are due on Tuesday, June 6th, the day after our Seadog Chicago Architecture Tour at Navy Pier.
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This week, we are working on a coordinate geometry project where students are designing a layout of their town using ordered pairs, parallel and perpendicular lines, and obtuse and acute angles.

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Our 5th grade field trip to the Robie House will be on Tuesday, May 30th. Students will depart school in the morning and return around 12:15pm. Students should wear their school uniform and lunch will be held in the classroom when we return. We're looking forward to a great field trip!

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Hello Families!

My last Scholastic Book Orders are going home tomorrow. They won't be due until Wednesday May 31st so you will have a week to get your orders in. Field trip to the Adler Planetarium is tomorrow! The students will have a snack before we leave and we will get back to Saint Clement around noon and will have lunch in the classroom after that. The students will not have homework on Monday or Thursday due to MAP testing. Our read to me's are done for the year but if you would like to come in the two Monday's in June please let me know. The students love the activities and if you have another book and activity you would like to do please let me know. This week the students are starting their planet project. I bought the materials for their project. They are allowed to bring in materials from home but the project must be worked on in class.

Here are some upcoming dates

  • May 24: Field Trip: Adler Planetarium

Have a wonderful week!


Ms. Freking

Math: Continuing Ch. 14. Plan on Ch. 14 test next week sometime


  • Inferences
  • Idioms

Religion: Blest Are We: Mary

Science/Social Studies: Science: Ch. 7: Space: Planet Projects

Writing:Setting up our persuasive letter

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Congratulations to all second graders on their First Communion! It was such a special day, and we couldn't have been more proud. We hope you enjoyed the rest of the day and weekend, and had a nice time celebrating with family and friends.

It's hard to believe there's just about a month left in school! As we culminate the year, we will be focusing more on independent study through novel units, writing projects, and research projects that allow more independence and creativity. In Math, we will start our unit on money, and we ask that each child brings in $2.50 in change to use as manipulatives. Please put the following amounts into a ziploc bag with your child's name on it: 4 quarters, ten dimes, eight nickels, and ten pennies. We will keep these in a safe place in the room and return to you when we are finished with the unit. Thank you for your help!


Now that First Communion is over, we will begin our Family Life study. Students will begin working in their blue books, and also taking home a Parent Connection book by the end of the week.

Word Study:

Spelling words this week are words with the long i, and in grammar we're focusing on onomatopoeia and parts of speech.

Reading and Writing:

Both second grade classes are working on "book clubs" and reading specific novels and creating and answering comprehension questions about the book.


We will be starting our unit on money.


We are working on our insect reports and will begin learning about plants. We even have our very own caterpillars in our classroom. This weekend they turned into chrysalises.
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I am excited for the PK-4 Spring Concert tonight! Doors will open at 5:45pm to view the art. Doors open and students report to their classrooms at 6:00pm. The show begins at 6:30pm. Please see my e-mail or the Clement Connection for what each grade level should wear.

The 5-8, Band, and Anchords concert was great last week! Congrats to all!

PK and K are singing end of the year songs and working on beat.

First and second grade are connecting famous art and music works in the book "Can You Hear It?"

Second grade is studying Aaron Copland's "Appalachian Spring."

Third grade is studying Igor Stravinsky's "The Firebird."

Fourth grade is playing Rhythm Chairs and Dunk the Teacher. It is a smart board game with note placement, and I let them spray me with water if they get the answer correct. It was a blast! Luckily, I had goggles and a smock. :)

Fifth grade is singing, playing music games, and reviewing orchestra instruments.

Middle schoolers are finishing up composer studies and music theory work.

Next week, sixth grade will begin a world instrument study.

Seventh grade is starting their listening map project.

Eighth grade concludes the year with fun music review games such as musical soccer.

Please join me for summer camp! I'd love to have your child in my camp.

Looking for Summer Camp Monday, June 19-Friday June 23?

Register at:

On the Radio: The Musical With Miss Bax 9:00AM-11:00AM

Offered to: Incoming 3rd Grade Students- 8th Grade Students

Learn some old classics and be on the radio this summer with Miss Bax! Welcome to KYDZ, the radio station that plays the hits! Meet a disc jockey and his sidekick as they play the oldies, the goodies, and all the songs kids have loved throughout the years. From Elvis and the Beatles to disco, the radio is where America hears the songs that become the soundtracks of their lives.

If you'd like some stage time this summer, try out this camp! We will sing, act, dance, design sets, and have costumes! On Friday, we will put on a show for the parents.

I Need a Vacation!: The Musical With Miss Bax 11:30AM-1:30PM

Offered to: Incoming 3rd Grade Students- 8th Grade Students

Start the summer vacation out right performing a musical with Miss Bax! Have you ever wondered how doing things like school work, track practice, choir rehearsal, and your paper route are all going to get done? Have you ever felt like screaming, "I NEED A VACATION!!!?" Whether it's relaxing at a fishing hole or going to rides at your favorite theme park, this musical explores all the possibilities for the vacation of your life.

If you like to perform on stage, this is the camp for you! There are roles for those who like to sing, dance, and act. We will rehearse this musical all week and give a performance for the parents on Friday. Working on the set and costumes will be a part of this camp, too.

Safari Music & Art Camp With Miss Bax & Mrs. Peck 1:30PM-3:30PM

Offered to: Incoming PK Students- 2nd Grade Students

This camp is co-taught by Ms. Bax and Mrs. Peck. Each day, children will explore a variety of artistic materials and methods while creating artworks. Students will also sing and dance with Ms. Bax as she introduces a variety of songs, moves, and instruments. This year our theme is Sarafi! At the end of the week, family members are invited to attend a music performance/art show to demonstrate what the children have learned!

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Hello Families!

Only 4.5 weeks left! I can't believe it! We are trying to get some projects in before the end of the year. Right now students are working on their: guided reading projects, planet projects and finally getting ideas for their persuasive writing. It's a great way to collaborate with each other and have some fun these last few weeks! SPRING CONCERT AND ART FAIR IS THIS THURSDAY!! The 3rd grade students are asked to wear yellow and orange colors. The doors will open at 5:45 so you can view the Art Fair and then the classrooms will be opened at 6:00. Your students should be in their classrooms by 6:00. The concert is in the gym. Hope to see you all there! Permission slips for next week's field trip will be going home tomorrow. They are due back Monday the 22nd.

Here are some upcoming dates:

  • May 18: Spring Concert
  • May 22: Read to me (McCarthy)
  • May 24: Field Trip: Adler Planetarium

Have a wonderful week!


Ms. Freking

Math: Starting Ch. 14: Area


  • Author's Purpose
  • Idioms
  • Adjectives

Religion: Blest Are We: Mary

Science/Social Studies: Science: Ch. 7: Space: Working on gathering information for project

Writing: Getting ideas for persuasive writing

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KS is LOVING the Spring weather! We just wrapped up our unit on Plants and we are now studying Insects. We learned that insects have three parts (head, thorax and abdomen), six legs and are invertebrates! We specifically studied bees and butterflies! Ask your child if they can tell you the stages of one of these insects! Next week, we will begin our Laura Numeroff author study.

Have a nice weekend!

KS Teachers

What We've Learned...

  • Letters V, W, K, Qu
  • Syllables
  • Journal writing
  • Number bonds
  • Addition facts to 10
  • Decomposing numbers to 20
  • Parts of a plant
  • How to plant a seed
  • Problem solving skills (social)

What's Coming Up Next...

  • Letters J, X, Y, Z
  • Story Sequencing
  • Adding detail to writing
  • Measurement
  • Comparing by length, height and weight
  • Insects- bees and ladybugs
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