Kindergarten is getting ready for their Thanksgiving concert!

PK-5 are singing fun Thanksgiving songs and getting ready for Christmas.

Middle schoolers are presenting their garageband projects and learning Christmas music. 

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6th grade will be wrapping up Chapter 1, which covers integer operations and rational numbers. Students will review these concepts before their test on Thursday.

Upcoming dates: Chapter 1 test Thursday 11/15 

IXL: B, C and H 

7th grade is working their way through transformations on a coordinate plane, including translations, reflections, rotations and dilations. They've done investigative activities to explore how shapes move with the change of their coordinate points. We will finish these transformations and practice before break. 

Upcoming dates: Test of transformations after break 

IXL: N, P and Q 

8th grade is doing a short unit on arithmetic and geometric sequences before moving into Chapter 5 Linear Equations.

Upcoming dates: none

IXL: P, R, and S 

**8th grade: Don't forget to sign up for the Algebra Test Prep class! Follow the link for more information:

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6th grade is finishing their unit on integer operations and rational numbers. They have learned the rules of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing integers and are now applying them to do similar operations with fractions and decimals. If integer operations or basic fraction and decimal operations are challenging, be sure to spend more time reviewing on IXL. 

Upcoming dates: Pre-Algebra Concepts Test Corrections and Parent Signature due Friday 11/9, Chapter 1 Test on Wednesday 11/14 

IXL: Standards B, C, and H 

7th grade is starting coordinate plane geometry. After a short review on plotting points, they will explore how to slide, flip, rotate and dilate images on a plane. 

Upcoming dates: none 

IXL: P and Q 

8th grade just finished an introduction to functions. We will start our unit on linear equations by doing an investigative activity on slope and intercepts by analyzing participants in a competitive bike race. 

Upcoming dates: Chapter 4 Test Corrections and parent sign due Friday 11/9 

IXL: P, R, and S 


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We are very busy in second grade:

Reading: This week we will be reading Rosie Revere, Engineer and completing stations that go along with the book.  We will work on past tense verbs, character traits, vocabulary words, and play a comprehension game.  We will also read a non-fiction book about Amelia Earhart. This will help us prepare for our field trip to see the play about Rosie Revere.

Math:  We are working on strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems with 2 and 3 digit numbers.  They have been working on math centers to practice these new concepts. We also took our first mad minute with 30 addition and subtraction problems.  Please make sure your child is practicing their facts at home each night. They can go on IXL, use flashcards, or ask them to teach you how to play Top-It.

Religion:  We have been reading about different saints in honor of All Saints Day.  We continue to learn about the parts of the Mass and practicing our responses, so that we can take a more active role in Church each week.

Writing:  We are working on editing and revising our personal narratives.  The students chose a small moment in their life to write about and have been going through the writing process to produce a final product.  They have really enjoyed working on these personal stories.

Theme:  We have started learning about maps.  The students are working on a project called Me on a Map.  We will also be learning about immigration and doing some research into our own heritage.


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Each year, St. Clement puts together a Thanksgiving Food Drive to help the families of Our Lady of the Angels celebrate Thanksgiving. Our goal as a Pre-K is to fill 3 baskets of Thanksgiving dinner foods by Wednesday, November 14th. Please sign up for one idem here for AM and here for PM. We will be talking as a class about the baskets, what they are for and why we are thankful for all we have. Thank you for making this Thanksgiving special for the families at Our Lady of the Angels. 

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Dear Parents,

Happy Belated Halloween! Thank you to the parents who volunteered for our classroom party on October 26th. We had so much fun wearing our costumes, parading though the school and enjoying the delicious and spooky treats! Another big thank you to the parents who came to the Lincoln Park Zoo Fall Fest on October 19th! We had so much fun wandering the zoo and enjoying the fun attractions. We could not have asked for a better Fall day!

This past week we finished our unit on Fall: Apples and Pumpkins. We look forward to wrapping up the first trimester with an emphasis on Thanksgiving and the entire holiday season. In the coming weeks we will talk about Thanksgiving and what it means to be thankful. We will talk about what we are most thankful for.

As the weather has started to change, please remember that we go outside in the AM and PM for recess. Please make sure that your child is dressed for the weather. We look forward to meeting with you at conferences in just 2 short weeks.

Have a great weekend,

Ms. Manganaro, Mrs. Smolky, and Mrs. P

Please be reminded of these dates which are also on the St. Clement calendar:

Friday 11/9 - Anchor Day

Monday 11/19 - Early Dismissal at 11:45am. Parent Teacher Conferences 1-8pm

Tuesday 11/20 - Early Dismissal at 11:45am. Parent Teacher Conferences 1-4pm

*Please watch for sign-up information

Wednesday 11/21 - 11/25 - Thanksgiving Break

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6th grade is learning how to add, subtract, multiply and divide integers. We suggest a lot of practice on IXL to solidify these concepts before we start to apply negatives to evaluating expressions. 

Upcoming dates: Integer operations quiz on Wednesday 10/31

IXL: Standard B and C 

7th grade is finishing their unit on the Pythagorean Theorem with a project. We will then move into plotting on a coordinate plane and Coordinate Plane Transformations. 

IXL: N, R, A.8, F.14-F.21

Upcoming dates: Pythagorean Theorem Project due Thursday 11/1

8th grade is finishing their Chapter 4 Functions unit on Monday. They have covered graphing using tables, analyzing graphs, function notation, interval notation, discrete vs. continuous data, the vertical line test and functions vs. relations. 

Upcoming dates: Study guide packet due Thursday, Chapter 4 Test on Friday 

IXL: ​​​​​​​Standard Q 

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As a class we have been working on ten frames. A ten frame is a simple graphic tool that allows kids to "see" numbers.  Understanding that numbers are composed of tens and ones is an important foundational concept, setting the stage for work with larger numbers. To get in the Halloween spirit we used candy corn to enhance a ten frame activity! The ten frame sheets have been sent home in your child's folder, therefore feel free to continue this activity at home. All that is needed is candy corn, the provided ten frame sheet, and a parent and/or guardian calling out numbers 1-10! Here is some photos below of Pre-K during the activity. 

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