I hope everyone had a wonderful spring break and relaxing time with family and friends! Next Monday, April 3rd, the 5th grade will be going to the Morton Arboretum to explore and learn more about ecosystems in connection with our current science unit.

We will leave at 8:30am and return to school at 2:30pm. Students will be spending the majority of the day outside and will be doing some off-trail hiking. Please have them dress appropriately for the weather and wear gym shoes or hiking shoes. We will be eating lunch on site at the Arboretum. Please have your child bring a bag lunch with a drink on Monday.

I sent home a permission slip with your child today to be returned back by this Friday, March 31st. If you have any questions, please let me know. Looking forward to a great field trip!
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Literature 6:

This short week we focus on Walk Two Moons, the novel we read over break, by playing a game from the novel, analyzing its characters and themes, and writing a Quick Write. We also have library time.

Language Arts 6:

Although we miss class for the field trip Friday, we work on Wordly Wise vocabulary, we update our Daily Language Review exercises, and we complete a standardized test preparation exercise.

Language Arts 7:

We begin a mini-unit about word origins/etymologies and the development of American English as it is today, with examples, activities, and exercises in class.

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April 25th-28th

Students will be taking the school wide (3rd - 8th grade) Aspire Testing. This year, the students will be taking them on the computers. This will be similar to the MAP tests so students are already familiar with the set up and procedure. After spring break, we will be taking practice tests that Aspire provides and walking the students through steps for success. We will also be reviewing skills that will most likely be on the test as well.

Writing - The written narrative will be typed. We are going to be practicing at school but please take the time to re-enforce keyboarding skills at home too. Please refer to the SCS Wiki Page (link on right side of this page) to guide you towards practice pages.

Students are encouraged during this week to get a good amount of sleep and eat a protein packed breakfast each morning. There will be no homework during these days.

They are going to do GREAT!!

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Here is what you can look forward to this spring in 3S!

Language Arts:

After spring break, students will read both fiction and non-fiction stories focusing on sequencing of events. They will be working on the importance of putting the story into beginning, middle, and end sections to help better understand the story. We have been learning about verbs the past few weeks and that will continue after break with the "To Be" Verbs such as am, is are, was, and were. After Aspire Testing, they will be learning about cause/effect relationships as well as making inferences in reading. They will continue learning about verbs and their tenses as well as adverbs to finish out the year.


The next few chapters in math will focus on learning about lines, angles, shapes, time, perimeter, and area. Students will be able to identify different shapes but also be able to combine and separate them into different figurations. After this, we will learn about perimeter and area. In May, we will be learning more about volume, mass, and how to read or create data charts.

As I noted in many conferences, it is important that the students continue to practice their math multiplication and division facts. We will not be doing this on a daily basis so practicing at home (like reading every night) is essential for them before heading to 4th grade.

Social Studies:

We will begin our unit on the economy and understanding the difference between needs, wants, good, and services. Students will be able to identify each of these and apply them to their lives.


Students will continue to reflect and prepare for the Resurrection of Jesus. They will be doing daily CRS Rice Bowl reflections and connecting to communities and families that their money will go towards helping. It is truly a special time. Before Easter, the students will also be preparing their hearts by doing reconciliation in the chapel.


Space! Starting in May, we will be learning about the planets and moon phases. We will take a trip to the Adler and have fun exploring the world around us.

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The Reptile Man visited kindergarten this morning! He showed us snakes, turtles, a komodo dragon, and a frog. The students that volunteered to hold and touch the reptiles were very brave!

This was a wonderful way to wrap up our interesting and fun Reptile Unit.

Safe travels to all that are traveling for Spring Break!

School resumes Monday, March 27th.

Here is a slideshow from the presentation:

Here are a few videos from the presentation:

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Dear KS Parents,

We can't believe it is already March! We have been very busy this month learning about Mo Willems, Dr. Seuss, reptiles, Superkids Club as well as 2D and 3D shapes!

Over the past couple of weeks we have read and studied Mo Willems and Dr. Seuss books. KS learned that both authors not only write their stories, but illustrate them as well. Through guided drawing activities and writer's workshop, we created our very own stories using the characters that we love from their books. We also tied in rhyming, word families and print awaremness activities to this unit.

Last week we put on our science lab coats and began researching information on reptiles! We studied the animal's habitat, needs, parts and had some fun arts and crafts projects added to the mix. One of our favorite activities included making our own alligators. This week we have the Reptile Man coming in to teach us more about our scaly friends! Stay tuned for pictures and updates.

Last Monday we learned about 2D shapes and are now onto 3D shapes. We learned that 3D shapes are not flat and have faces, edges and vertices. We had a lot of fun exploring cubes, cones, spheres, cylinders and pyramids! Ask your child to sing you the 3D shapes song!

Have a nice break!

KS Teachers

What we are learning....

  • 2D and 3D shapes
  • Letters Bb and Rr
  • Word families with Uu in the middle (-ug, -ub, -un)
  • Rhyming words
  • Reptiles
  • Researching
  • Lent

What's Coming Next...

  • Sorting by different attributes
  • Letters Mm and Nn
  • Syllables
  • Sentence writing with end punctuation
  • Ocean animals
  • Easter/Lent
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As we have begun to take a in depth look into energy and force, we have told the 1 South students to challenge themselves at home. Student were asked to create new experiment involving energy (motion, kinetic, potential, heat, light, wind) and email pictures/video of them doing the scientific method.

We have also done a math project challenge of creative ways to practice FACT POWER in addition and subtraction. Fact triangles were sent home today to demonstrate different ways facts can be practiced. Let your child get creative! Again, please send in pictures/video!

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Dear Parents,

As we head into the 3rd trimester we want to be sure you are aware of the following dates:

Wednesday, March 29th- PK Field Trip to Chicago Children's Museum, normal day with 2 snacks and lunch upon return

Thursday, April 13th- Monday, April 17th NO SCHOOL, Easter Break

Friday, April 28th- PK Nursery Rhyme Performance- 11am Dismissal

Thursday, May 18th- PK-4 Spring Concert, 6:30pm Gym

We look forward to seeing most of you at conferences this week and hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing Spring Break!

Ms. Arnold and Ms. Manganaro

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