ASPIRE testing will be held the week of April 9th-13th. Students will be taking an exam each morning that week. We encourage students to get plenty of sleep and eat a healthy breakfast in the morning. If you have additional questions about ASPIRE, please let me know.

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The 5th graders will be going to the Morton Arboretum on Monday, March 26th. We are learning about ecosystems in science and this field trip will be a great supplement to our studies. We will leave school at 8:30am and return at 2:30pm. Students should bring a bag lunch with drink and we will eat lunch on site. Students should also dress casually and wear gym shoes. We will be spending the majority of the day outside and students should dress appropriately for the weather.

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Thank you to all those who came to the First Communion retreat on Saturday. It was such a beautiful morning spent in prayer and reflection.

Religion - We continue to work in our Blue Books to help us prepare for First Communion. It sure is coming up quickly. We have also been learning about Lent and reading about the Stations of the Cross.

Reading- Last week we had so much fun reading Rosie Revere, Engineer and completing stations that went along with the book. We worked on past tense verbs, character traits, vocabulary words, and played a comprehension game. We also read a non-fiction book about Amelia Earhart.

Math - We just finished working on place value. The students wrote numbers in standard form, expanded form, and word form. They also compared numbers into the thousands. This week we will begin adding 3-digit numbers.

Science- We have been doing many fun experiments in our classroom using STEM and the scientific method. The students did a wonderful job presenting their at-home science experiments to the class. We also had High Tech High Touch come visit last Friday for more science fun!

Writing- We are going to be writing persuasive essays for out Battle of the Books. The students pick their favorite book and try to convince the class to read it. We will then vote and come up with a second grade winner. We are also learning new letters in cursive.

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Weekly Updates!

6th grade will be finishing up with basic 2D geometry area formulas. They will have a formula memorization quiz before their quiz on Friday.

Upcoming dates: Formula quiz 3/21, 6.1-6.4 Quiz Friday 3/23

IXL: AA.1-AA.4 under 7th grade

7th grade is continuing with solving equations as we add multi-step equations and equations with variables on both sides. We will also discover equations with no solution and infinitely many solutions. Students will have a quiz before spring break.

Upcoming dates: none

IXL: W.6-W.11 under 8th grade

8th grade will be starting Chapter 8, covering operations with polynomials and factoring.

Upcoming dates: none

IXL: Y.1-Y.5, Z.1-Z.10 under Algebra

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Every parent has been there. Hopefully, you won't resort to the desperate move infamously made by my father-in-law when the kids refused to leave their show for dinner. According to legend, Grandpa Bernie put on rubber gloves and cut the power cord to the TV. The kids never forgot.

For less dramatic ideas about how to find that elusive balance, check out my latest post: Screentime Battles: When Kids Refuse to Unplug

Many parents I've met are excited about my becoming a tech-positive parent...up to a point. But they are also sick of battling with their kids.
Perhaps we also feel nostalgic for a time where kids would just "go out and play" rather than being immersed in digital experiences.

Often, these differences, set against an idealized version of the past, lead to a negative impression of technology in general. This mindset doesn't help with screentime battles. In the article, I offer suggestions for both setting you up for fewer battles and for changing your own attitudes away from fear and towards understanding.

In addition to upcoming travels to Boston, MA, Austin, TX and more, I am delighted to share that there are Screenwise "community reads" going on in some incredible schools. Please let me know if you'd like a discussion guide or other resources to support community read or book group discussion of Screenwise.

warm wishes,


PS: I've always loved Slate's parenting podcast, "Mom and Dad are fighting" so I was geeked out when they invited me to talk with them. You can listen to the episode here.

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Here are the updates for this week. I look forward to seeing some of you at Parent Teacher Conferences later this week!

6th grade just covered the basics of 2D Geometry and will now be learning about area of 2D shapes. We will do exploration activities to discover the formulas in hopes to have a deeper understanding behind them. We will practice using the formulas this week.

Upcoming dates: none

7th grade just finished 3D Geometry and will now move into solving equations and inequalities. Students will review distributing, combining like terms, and balancing equations to solve multi-step equations.

Upcoming dates: none

8th grade is learning about exponential functions and its application to real life situations such as interest and the half-life of compounds.

Upcoming dates: none

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Students are working on their "Book in a Box" Wrinkle in Time project. Each group member is responsible for bringing in two items that best represent the characters from the Wrinkle in Time book. Notecards were written in class that give detailed description of these characters and the objects they chose to represent them. These group presentations will be held later this week in class. The students have been working very hard on this project and I'm looking forward to seeing their presentations.

We will also be going on a field trip on Monday, March 12th to see a Wrinkle in Time in theaters since we have finished reading the book and have finished our reading project. Permission slips for this field trip are due by Friday, March 9th.

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We are covering a new unit, Topic 8, which focuses on algebra. Students are learning about algebraic expressions and order of operations. We are working on developing a better understanding of the order of operation steps as well as different operation expressions. We will have a quiz over Topic 8 next Friday, March 16th.

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Students are continuing to work on their persuasive papers. They are completing the drafting and peer editing stages of the writing process in class. 5W students are working on creating strong reasons and supporting details to help strengthen their thesis statement about their topic.

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Art Project of the Week

Eighth graders prepared for the sacrament of Confirmation and fulfilled the ceremony this past Saturday. In religion class they studied a patron saint for this occasion and in Art class we created a Byzantine-style Icon portrait painting of their Saints. Students worked hard to reveal their Saint's image while pausing at times to pray and reflect. See more here on our Artsonia online portfolios!

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