We had a great field trip to the Museum of Mexican Art in Pilsen. We learned about the Day of the Dead altars and why they are created as well as items that families include on their special altars. We designed our own altars during some art studio time in the museum as well. This field trip was in connection with our Art and Spanish units and course standards. 



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Our focus for December in religion is centered around the season of Advent. We are discussing the Advent virtues and ways we can practice these virtues this Christmas season and prepare our hearts for the Lord. As part of our service project this month, we are donating books to our sister school in the city, St. Margaret of Scotland. Each student will bring in a book and these books are due by December 12th. We will be gift wrapping and making cards for these students and books will be delivered before Christmas. Thank you for your support in our service projects. 

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In reading this month, we are focusing on Guided Reading Centers using non-fiction and fiction based texts. Students rotate to different reading centers around the classroom. They work on reading related activities while I meet with small reading groups and practice various reading CAFE skills. 

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We have wrapped up our narrative writing paper and will begin our Snowflake Journey Writing stories this week. The students will be able to brainstorm a creative story about a snowflake and the journey it takes. Students will begin brainstorming ideas for their story and complete the drafting and publishing phases this month. We will be working on adding supporting details to our 5 paragraph essay in addition to adding in figurative language to this winter writing piece as well. 

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We are focusing on dividing decimals this week in math. In addition, we are working in math centers solving multiple step problems with decimals as well. We continue to use the website IXL for extra math practice in these center rotations. After the break, we will begin our unit on fractions. 

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In 5E, we are doing a classroom activity called "Advent Angels" to celebrate the Christmas season.  Advent Angels is basically "Secret Santa" with specific intention.  I told the class that the purpose of Advent Angels is not to focus on getting gifts but rather to prepare the manger of our hearts for Jesus during this Advent season through encouraging, praying for, and spreading joy to one another.  The Advent Angels guidelines are as follows:

-Students must leave at least one thing each week for their Advent Angel during these first two weeks of Advent (weeks of December 2nd and 9th).  This could be a note of encouragement, a small gift that does not exceed $3, or a homemade item.  Whatever is given must include a tag that says "To: _________ From: Your Advent Angel."

-Everyone is asked to bring in a wrapped gift for his/her Advent Angel that does not exceed $15 for our Christmas party on Friday, December 20.  Once it has been wrapped, there should be a tag on it that reads, "To: ___________ From: Your Advent Angel."  We will open the gifts together, and each child will have an opportunity to guess who his/her Advent Angel was.  

We are very excited about this classroom activity, and I hope that you notice this at home as well!

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Students are working on the writing process of their narrative stories. We have drafted our papers and are currently in the peer editing and publishing phases of writing. We will be sharing our narratives with the class and celebrating our writing at the end of the month! 

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We are working on adding and subtracting decimals, rounding decimals, and multiple step word problems with decimals. Technology and math websites like IXL are used, hands on math activities, as well as small group teacher led instruction are part of 5W math centers. These centers help strengthen students' math skills and concepts.  

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This month of October, we are focusing our religion studies on the Rosary. We are learning about the Glorious, Luminous, Sorrowful, and Joyful Mysteries. We've completed center activities with scripture stories and even made our own rosaries in class. 

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