Faculty & Staff Directory

Saint Clement School goes beyond academic excellence, to educate the whole child. We are committed to meeting the unique needs of each of our students. In addition to a highly educated and committed teaching staff, the following positions help us achieve our mission as we look at giving our students a foundation of academic excellence, spiritual growth and social responsibility.

Saint Clement School is led by Principal, Mari Jo Hanson. Our staff includes an Assistant Principal, a Dean of Students, and several other support staff at the administration level.

We maintain a student-faculty ratio of approximately 12:1. The average tenure of our faculty is approximately ten years, ensuring a commitment and continuity to the education of our students and families.

In Pre-Kindergarten, each classroom has a full teacher and an assistant teacher allowing our students to receive the utmost attention needed at this early developmental stage. In our Kindergarten and First Grade classrooms, we have two licensed full time teachers in each classroom that team-teach, giving our younger students the fullest attention during these most important years.

Teachers are represented in Music, Performance Arts, STEAM, Spanish, Physical Education, and Band. Saint Clement is proud of the fact that we also have a full-time Librarian, Reading Specialist, Enrichment Director, Director of Learning Services & Student Support, After School Programming Director, and a variety of Learning Support teachers to assist all learners at all levels.

Faculty Development and Retention

While all members of our faculty are college graduates, many have completed additional graduate level courses or have earned a Master's Degree. Each of our staff members have been approved by the Archdiocese of Chicago's Teacher Personnel Department. Because we believe in the importance of ongoing development, Saint Clement School provides funds for professional development for our dedicated faculty members. Since we view ourselves as models for our students, each Saint Clement faculty member completes on-going professional development and participates in various seminars and institutes throughout the year. We are all learners at Saint Clement, and thrive in a culture based upon learning.


Faculty and Staff Directory

The following addresses are solely intended for use by the Saint Clement community. Please do not send unsolicited commercial material to these addresses. Advertising materials from legitimate organizations should be addressed to info@stclementschool.org. Thank you for honoring this request.

As our current parents know, you may email your child's entire homeroom by using the class-specific email address that has been shared previously. The homeroom teacher and all parents with an active email address on file are included on the email message. Please feel free to use this email address for Saint Clement School-related information only.

1 Aguilar, Abraham Primary Spanish Professor aaguilar@stclementschool.org
2 Allison, Amy PK3 - pre-kindergarten 3 - 5 full / 5 1/2 / 3 full / 3 1/2 (T/W/TH) Ms. aallison@stclementschool.org
3 Amling, Marion School Business Manager Mrs. mamling@stclementschool.org
4 Bax, Anna Music Ms. abax@stclementschool.org
5 Berry, Virgie PK4 Ms. vberry@stclementschool.org
6 Bohnenkamp, Bridget Reading Support Teacher  Mrs. bbohnenkamp@stclementschool.org
7 Breen, Whitney PK4 AM - pre-kindergarten 4 - AM only Mrs. wbreen@stclementschool.org
8 Chuchna, Ellen KS - kindergarten south  Ms. echuchna@stclementschool.org
9 Connolly, Maureen 2N - 2nd grade north Mrs. mconnolly@stclementschool.org
10 Cummings, Emily Director of Technology Mrs. ecummings@stclementschool.org
11 Dorger, Kelly 1N - 1st grade east side of bldg. Ms. kdorger@stclementschool.org
12 Eslinger, Michael Maintenance Mr. meslinger@stclementschool.org
13 Fahrer, Phyllis Office Support Ms. pfahrer@stclementschool.org
14 Fanning, Meredith Student/Learning Support, gr. 4-8 Ms. mfanning@stclementschool.org
15 Gapsis, Sr. Virginia Compliance Coordinator Sr. vgapsis@stclementschool.org
16 Gascich, Nicholas Technology Integration Specialist Mr. ngascich@stclementschool.org
17 Giannoni, Eileen pk3/recess/aftercare Ms. egiannoni@stclementschool.org
18 Giannoni, Secretary Ms. ngiannoni@stclementschool.org
19 Hammonds, Erin KN - kindergarten north Mrs. ehammonds@stclementschool.org
20 Hanson, Mari Jo Principal Mrs. mhanson@stclementschool.org
21 Hederman, Tim Director of After School Mr. thederman@stclementschool.org
22 Helmuth, Katrina 4E - 4th Grade East Ms. khelmuth@stclementschool.org
23 Herold, Lisa Education Specialist Mrs. lherold@stclementschool.org
24 Hoolehan, Anthony Athletic Director Mr. ahoolehan@stclementschool.org
25 Kerewich, Erin PK4 FULL - pre-kindergarten 4 full Mrs. ekerewich@stclementschool.org
26 Kilian, Chloe 3S - 3rd Grade Ms. ckilian@stclementschool.org
27 Kucich, Fran Assistant Principal Ms. fkucich@stclementschool.org
28 Kurek, Lindsey 5W - 5th Grade West Ms. lkurek@stclementschool.org
29 Lilovich, Alayna PK4 FULL - pre-kindergarten 4 full day Ms. alilovich@stlcmentschool.org
30 Lilovich, Jessica PK3 Ms. jlilovich@stclementschool.org
31 Logeman, Gloria PK3 - pre-kindergarten 3 -AM only/lunch bunch Ms. glogeman@stclementschool.org
32 Luther, Stephen 6A - adv. grp. /6/7B Lit & LA(ELA) Mr. sluther@stclementschool.org
33 MacDonald, Courtney 2S - 2nd grade south Ms. cmacdonald@stclementschool.org
34 Manganaro, Katie KN - kindergarten north Ms. kmanganaro@stclementschool.org
35 Matchinga, Annie Counseling & Student Support Ms. amatchinga@stclementschool.org
36 Mundt, Caitlin Student/Learning Support, gr. PK-3 Ms. cmundt@stclementschool.org
37 Neuberger, Maren 8B - adv. grp. /7A/8 Lit & LA (ELA) Mrs. mneuberger@stclementschool.org
38 O'Donnell, Connor 7B - adv. grp./6-8 social studies Mr. codonnell@stclementschool.org
39 Patterson, Sarah 4W - 4th grade west Ms. spatterson@stclementschool.org
40 Pesavento, Elizabeth Director of Academic Services Mrs. epesavento@stclementschool.org
41 Pinz, Joan Physical Education Ms. jpinz@stclementschool.org
42 Quinn, Claire 1S - 1st grade west side of bldg. Ms. cquinn@stclementschool.org
43 Quirk, Mary Kate Nurse Ms. mquirk@stclementschool.org
44 Reade, Cindy Director of Enrichment Mrs. creade@stclementschool.org
45 Rojas, Jesus Middle School Spanish Señor jrojas@stclementschool.org
46 Roth, Aliza Counseling & Student Support Ms. aroth@stclementschool.org
47 Sanborn, Maura 1S - 1st grade west side of bldg. Ms. msanborn@stclementschool.org
48 Schneider, Elaina 6B - adv. grp. / math 6-8 Ms. eschneider@stclementschool.org
49 Seng, Janel 5E - 5th Grade East Ms. jseng@stclementschool.org
50 Spicer, Allison Art Ms. aspicer@stclementschool.org 
51 Stahlschmidt, Amanda 1N - 1st grade east side of bldg. Mrs. astahlschmidt@stclementschool.org
52 Terrasi, Donna 8A - adv. grp./6-8 science Mrs. dterrasi@stclementschool.org
53 Thoele, Rachel 3N - 3rd grade north Mrs. rthoele@stclementschool.org
54 Tighe, Helen Library Ms. htighe@stclementschool.org
55 Valle, Noreen Director of Admissions/Marketing Mrs. nvalle@stclementschool.org
56 Wheeler, Catherine Math 6-8 Ms. cwheeler@stclementschool.org
57 Zulauf, Nicholas 7A - adv. grp./Middle School Religion Mr. nzulauf@stclementschool.org