After School Enrichment Programs

The After School Enrichment Programs provide students with a relaxing and nurturing after school environment.

Enrichment Courses

In addition to our traditional Extended School day-to-day program, Saint Clement School offers a variety of Enrichment courses during the after school hours. New courses are offered to the school community every trimester. The following is an example of typical offerings:

  • Chess
  • Cooking
  • Knitting
  • Gymnastics
  • Sports
  • Art Studio
  • Voice Lessons
  • Cheerleading
  • Tutoring

Spring Enrichment 2017


4/3 - 5/22

(no class 4/17)

Hoops (PK-K)

Cooking with Ms. Otter (1-5)

LEGO® Land (PK-1)

$90 / 6 classes (starts 4/10)

$140 / 7 classes

$126 / 7 classes


4/4 - 5/23

Super Soccer Stars (1-3)

Chess Wizards (PK-8)

Computer Game Creation (3-5)

Gardening Club (PK-K) (FULL)

$107 / 7 classes (starts 4/11)

$160 / 8 classes

$145 / 8 classes

$160 / 8 classes


4/5 - 5/24

Hoops (1-4)

Star Guitar (2-8)

Emerald City Theatre - The Cat in the Hat (PK-1) (FULL)

$105 / 7 classes (starts 4/12)

$160 / 8 classes ($25 rental)

$160 / 8 classes


4/6 - 5/25

(no class 4/13)

Basic Tumbling (PK-1)

Tech Time (1-5)

Disney with Miss Bax (PK-5)

$126 / 7 classes

$126 / 7 classes

$108 / 6 classes (starts 4/20)

  • All Classes run until 4:15.
  • Student pick-up/sign-out is located in the cafeteria; please enter through the north gym doors.
  • Students still in the building after 4:30 will automatically be signed into after school care.
  • Some classes have size restrictions. Students for these classes will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Hoops (PK-K): Skilled and experienced basketball instructors will conduct a one-hour clinic once a week for you and your friends. These clinics will help you become a better basketball player through drills, contests, and game competition.

Cooking with Ms. Otter (1-5): Join Ms. Otter for some tasty fun in the kitchen! Students will practice following recipes to create culinary masterpieces each class! They will also create their own cookbook. Are you ready to measure, mix, and munch? Don't forget your apron!

LEGO® Land (PK-1): Calling all future engineers and architects! Come join Ms. Blackall and Ms. Dowdle for a fun filled hour designing and creating exciting LEGO® structures! Each week students will work both as individuals and as a part of a team to explore various aspects of building and design. They will be given basic challenges and are encouraged to think outside the box to build creatively!


Super Soccer Stars (1-3): At Super Soccer Stars, dynamic coaches work with every student to develop skills, self-esteem, and teamwork in a fun, non-competitive environment. Positive reinforcement and low child-to-coach ratios ensure that each child will improve his or her skills aging warm-ups, activities, and games—all while having endless fun! Each child receives a t-shirt with registration. Come get the ball rolling today!

Chess Wizards (PK-8): The chess program with Chess Wizards is interactive and motivational for all ages. Your student will enjoy traditional chess games, variants, puzzles, and lessons all of which are geared toward the specific tactics being taught that day.

Computer Game Creation (3-5): Using MIT's Scratch programming platform, students will create their own interactive media, including stories, games and animations. During our project based curriculum students will learn fundamental coding concepts including loops, decision statements, variables, mathematical operators, boolean logic, events and more. Each child will become a maker with technology rather than just a user of technology. By incorporating interpersonal play with screen time each child develop his or her ability to think creatively, work collaboratively and reason systematically.

Gardening Club (PK-K): Calling all PreK and Kindergartens, come and garden with Ms. Arnold! We will be planting, crafting, exploring, and learning about all things flowers! Want to learn to garden? Want to make a birdhouse for your garden? Want to learn about bugs that help our flowers? Then this is the club for you! (FULL)


Hoops (1-4): Skilled and experienced basketball instructors will conduct a one-hour clinic once a week for you and your friends. These clinics will help you become a better basketball player through drills, contests, and game competition.

Star Guitar (2-8): This program provides a fun, interactive, and creative introduction to playing the guitar. For an hour each week students learn from a progressive list of objectives that continue to build on skills and concepts learned during class. Groups are kept small, 5 to 9 students, and divided based on age or ability. Our curriculum combines fun group work with individual instruction allowing students to progress at their own rate!

Emerald City Theatre - The Cat in the Hat (PK-1): The Cat in the Hat is the perfect friend for a boring rainy afternoon and this class is the perfect place for active students with Seuss-sized imaginations! This creative drama class will follow The Cat, Thing One and Thing Two on their indoor adventures with Sally and her brother. Students will explore movement, practice silly poems and rhyming, and develop early character work and storytelling skills. On the last day of class students will present their favorite Cat in the Hat inspired exercises, games, and tricks! (FULL)


Basic Tumbling (PK-1): Led by Ms. Pinz and and Ms. Smith, students will enjoy learning the basics of gymnastics/tumbling, gain strength, and flexibility in this class! No experience required, just an open mind for learning new things and having fun with friends while exercising.

Tech Time (1-5): Students will join Ms. Jahraus and have the opportunity to work on the Media Center iMacs (school iPads too!) on independent or partner/group technology projects! They will range from creating trailers/movies in iMovie, songs using GarageBand, as well as practicing keyboarding and polishing programming/coding skills! A personal touch to projects can be added as students are welcome and encouraged to bring in photos from home on a flash drive. No previous experience is required, as we will review all tech tools together. The session will close with a red carpet premiere of our movie trailers!

Disney with Miss Bax (PK-5): Come join Miss Bax in singing and dancing to some of your favorite Disney songs. During our last session, parents are invited to a wonderful concert of these memorable classics!

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