Art Project of the Week

Pre-K expanded their painting skills while using sponges and q-tips to paint this Angel and Star artwork. We talked about the angel appearing to shepherds and announcing Jesus' birth, as in Luke 2:5-15. The children enjoyed creating their shining star, angel, and colorful frames!

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Here is whats happening this week!

6th grade is finishing up their unit on integers and rational numbers. We will be reviewing together and testing either Thursday or Friday.

Upcoming dates: Chapter 1 test 12/14 or 12/15

7th grade just started rates, ratios, and unit conversions. They will be converting unit rates and rates between systems.

Upcoming dates: open note quiz on Friday 12/15

8th grade just had an assessment on Chapter 4 Function Concepts. We will be moving into linear equations concepts this week.

Upcoming dates: none

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It sure feels like the Christmas spirit has arrived in 2nd grade!

This week we started really exploring Advent and what this time means to us. We have been getting our hearts ready for baby Jesus by starting our kindness light activity. Students fill out a colorful paper Christmas light when they see another student being kind. We hang the lights up around our classroom to visually fill the room with kindness. Students also found a special magical note from our classroom elves. The note explained that this year our elves will be invisible so they can watch more closely to make sure we are focusing on the true meaning of Christmas.

In Math we finished up adding money in coins and dollars. We also practiced some word problems with money. For example, if a sweater costs $38 what bills will you need to buy the sweater? Next week we will start learning about time. We will be learning about how to tell time to the hour, 15 past, half past, and quarter past. The saying we teach the students is that hour is a shorter word than minute, so the shorter hand is the hour hand and the minute hand is the longer hand.

The Christmas fun spills into our Writer's workshop this week as we start our red nose stories. Students write about an adventure they would take if they had a red nose like Rudolph. We are working on the writing skills of a short story, including setting, characters, and a problem and solution

In Reading we finished up ou/ow sounds. We played a fun game where we had to fill in words with their ou or ow to make the word complete. We also read some fun Christmas stories. One was The Christmas Star. Ask your student summarize what this book was about. Next week, we will be focusing on the oo sound. We will also be learning about quotation marks and homonyms.

Don't forget the Christmas concert is Thursday, December 14. Children should dress up in Christmas best.

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Thanks to scheduling, I had an "extra" session with 4W the other week and they did not disappoint! Students were challenged to create boats and build towers/bridges with index cards in the two-rotation class session. I was really impressed with their quick creativity and problem solving!

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We continued our exploration of solids, liquids, and gases by examining how solid particles can trick us when they sometimes act like liquids! They sure look like liquids when they pour! We did, however, notice properties that led us to confirm they are just small solids. Ask your child, "What were some clue that the rice, beans, and cornmeal were solids and not liquids? How do liquids and solid particles act the same or different?"

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On Monday, our Director Of Technology, Emily Cummings, And STEAM Teacher, Ms. Schrage, visited The Erikson Institute TEC Center (Technology In Early Childhood) to learn more about technology and the power of place-based science education. Featured guest speaker, Milton Chen, PhD, spoke about the power of connecting students, science, and technology in a meaningful way while learning more about their community and environment. The Tec Center also demoed activities to do with young children to explore place-based learning. It was wonderful to see the connection we can make between our natural world and local community through technology and we look forward to implementing these practices in the STEAM Classroom as well as supporting the initiatives in all classrooms!

Did you Know?
Did you know that all fourth graders, and their families, can enter national parks for FREE through the Every Kid in a Park program! Find out more here.

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Dear Parents,

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a relaxing break! The students have enjoyed sharing their adventures and travels from their week off from school. Along with our unit about Advent, we encourage the students to engage in acts of kindness to create Christmas cheer both in our classroom and at home! We look forward to enjoying this special time of year and helping to make Christmas meaningful for your children!


Ms. Manganaro and Mrs. Smolky

Please be reminded of these dates which are also on the St. Clement calendar:

Monday 12/15 - Blessing Bags AND Books for SMOS are due. Each child should bring in one book to give to another PreK student.

Friday 12/15 - PreK Posada @ 9:30am (Remember, this is a surprise!)

Wednesday 12/22 - Last day of school before Christmas break. Green and Red Anchor Day!

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Dear Parents,

The upcoming weeks will filled with discussions about Christmas being the season of giving.

This year we are collecting items to be given out at the annual Christmas Dinner for our homeless neighbors organized by Darlene Kelly. Grades Pre-K through 8 will collect 7 bags per classroom. If you could sign up for 3 items on the shared GoogleDoc, we would greatly appreciate it! Thank you in advance for your participation.

Also, continuing our tradition at Saint Clement, each student PK-8, will purchase a book for a student at Saint Margaret of Scotland. We wrap the books and our 8th grade students deliver the books to SMOS. Please send one PK book with your child by next Friday 12/15.

We will be talking about where these items and books will be going as a class!

*All Items are due: Friday 12/15*

Please do not have hesitate to ask if you have any questions!


Ms. Manganaro and Mrs. Smolky

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