Reading: This week we are going to jump in adjectives with a fun pumpkin activity. We will be reading the story Spookley and creating our own pumpkins using adjectives.

Math: Last week we took an array math test and we were very impressed by the students' performance. We will be starting a new math topic this week about addition strategies.

Writing: In 2nd grade we are focusing on adding punctuation when you are writing multiple sentences. We are working hard on the final step to our small moment writing prompt. Students are also having fun writing their own spooky stories.

Theme: We had a BLAST making our communities last week. We were so impressed on the student's creativity and teamwork during this project. It was amazing to see their ideas come to life. This week we will explore how farms help all communities when we take visit to Wagner Farm on Wednesday.

Religion: This week in religion we are practicing on saying the responses and being a member of the community at Mass. You can practice this with your student by modeling the responses at Sunday Mass. We also read the Bible story Noah's Ark and the children illustrated a picture from the story.

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Hello! Here are the news for Week 9 October 16th- 20th!

Grade 6 is finishing their unit on Number Theory. We have used factor trees to find the prime factorization of numbers, and use that to find the LCM and GCF. The corrections for this test will be due sometime next week. After they test on these subjects, we will start exploring properties of numbers and expressions. I will be absent on Friday with the 7th and 8th grade field trip, so students will use the day to practice order of operations of expressions.

Upcoming dates: 10/17 Number Theory Test

Grade 7 is finishing 2.6-2.8 on formulas, powers and exponents, and scientific notation. The corrections for this quiz will be due sometime next week. We will start to explore square roots and the Pythagorean Theorem later this week.

Upcoming dates: 10/17 2.6-2.8 Quiz

Grade 8 is being assessed on Chapter 2 Part B (2.6-2.10) on Monday. The corrections for this quiz will be due sometime next week. We will start Chapter 3 Inequalities before they are out for field trips on Thursday and Friday.

Upcoming dates: 10/16 Part B Quiz Open note

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The sixth graders have been investigating the question of what characterizes something as living. If everything is made of atoms and molecules, elements and compounds, what distinguishes us from the non-living parts of our world? They've been learning how to use a microscope and have been fascinated by the world of microscopic living organisms. Students were amazed at how many different kinds of protists they discovered living in a sample of pond water from the Lincoln Park Pond!

They've identified certain characteristics that define all living things and are beginning to explore essential processes at the cellular level and to identify the cell organelles central to those processes. The students have been learning the functions of various organelles in a cell by finding analogies to day-to-day life. For example, the sixth graders compared the vacuole in a cell to the refrigerator in your kitchen; both store food until it is ready for use.

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The seventh graders are currently studying astronomy. They started by learning about the sun and the various types of waves radiated by the sun. The first link below will take you to a video we watched in class entitled "Secrets of the Sun," which gave the students great insight into how we've learned more about the sun in recent years and the tremendous power of our star.

The students have also been exploring the relationship between the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon, including how they move relative to each other. The link below is to a simulation used in class, which demonstrates the importance of both gravity and velocity to orbital motion. The students reviewed the factors that affect the pull of gravity between two things, they explored why the moon has different phases, and they discovered the many ways that the sun and the moon impact life on earth.

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The eighth graders have been busy exploring energy transfer, transformation, and calculation. They are currently in the midst of demonstrating that roller coasters function based on energy transformations between gravitational potential and kinetic energy by building models. In order to calculate the energy and determine whether their coasters will work, they are taking into consideration things like the mass and weight of the marble, the height of the coaster at each point, the velocity of the marble, and the possible effects of friction. The photos show the students working on their designs.

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Parent Book Club
Parent Book Club Encore!

Are you in survival mode? Would you like to have calm, happy children? Join us as we pause the daily treadmill of parenting and explore key strategies that foster healthy brain development. The Whole Brain Child and Brainstorm - The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain will be our guides for the evening. Wine, cheese and laughter will be provided!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017
Contemporary Concepts

Park at Saint Clement and walk on over!

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Peggy Notebaert Field Trip!

The 4th Grade had such a fun time today at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. We were lucky to have a beautiful day to walk to the museum! While at the museum, we spent time outside being Ecologists learning about Illinois' different Ecosystems. We also learned about Butterflies and their environments in the Learning Lab. Thanks to all the volunteers who chaperoned ad made this trip possible!!!

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1 South has had a great time wrapping up our first weeks of school with our first ever carnival! We have also established our class community and showed off these skills by running a successful restaurant! October brings new themes of empathy and science ~matter - solids, liquids, gases. Check out what our objectives are for the month by looking above! Enjoy our pictures taken with our iPads by our students with IT jobs. Don't forget to also check out our favorite ideas for home, articles, and things that would make our room even better. We are excited to continue to empower our classroom community and watch all of these 1 Southers learn and grow this year!

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On Saturday, the Saint Clement Cross Country team competed at the IESA Sectionals meet at Midlothian Meadows, hosted by Old St. Mary's. 7th Grade runner, Avery Bennett, qualified for the IESA State meet in Bloomington this coming Saturday, with a top-finishing time for the Boys. Congratulations to Coach Sitzer and the Cross Country team on a successful and memorable season.

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